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About Us

We make beautiful and functional cookware for the everyday chef

The Crumble Story

Crumble was founded in Melbourne 2020 when our founders became frustrated at spending so much on expensive cookware that did not live up to expectations. In a search for a better, more economical alternative, a recurring theme became clear – middlemen cookware companies were selling massively overpriced products that were then heavily 'discounted' to lure consumers in to make a purchase.

Despite the impression of superior quality through luxury prices, the reality was poor quality and disappointing value-for-money, not to mention the strain on the environment due to manufacturing processes. Determined to provide a reliable, affordable cast iron cookware alternative, Crumble was born.

Functional, aesthetically chic and yet economical, helping to make delicious and nourishing food attainable for your lifestyle is what Crumble is all about. We know that it's so much more than just cooking great food – it's about reducing packaging waste by eating more home-cooked meals.

It's about improving health and wellbeing through more accessible home-cooked meals; it's about enjoying the look and feel of your cookware. It's about encouraging togetherness and creativity in your home; it's about slowing down and being in touch with your craft and holistic wellbeing through the cooking process.

100% Australian Owned

We're so confident about our end product because we own the entire process. As newcomers to an industry that suffers from highly-inflated costs and multiple middle-men, we've been able to reduce costs and keep an eye on quality.
On the hunt for beautiful, functional and affordable cookware?



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