30 Day Home Trial

30-Day Home Trial (Only for purchases on crumble.co)
Can We Stay at Your Place?

Take us home with you for 30 Days. The only Australian cast iron cookware range you can try at home and return if it’s not right for you. Trial a Crumble product for up to 30 days in the comfort and familiarity of your own kitchen. If you are not completely satisfied, send it back our way for a full refund. It’s the risk-free way to purchase cookware! 

How It Works

Step 1 – Order, Unbox and Start Cooking
Good things take time – take some time to trial and get used to using our cookware for up to 30 days in your own home and experience its maximum potential across a range of recipes.

Step 2 - Not For You? Get In Touch
If after at least 14 days of use you don’t love our product, simply let us know.

Step 3 – Return It To Us
We will take care of the details and make things simple for you with an uncomplicated and free return.   Please make sure all products included are included when returning.  Only a partial refund will be approved if you do not return everything to us.

Step 4 – We Will Give You a Full Refund
You will get your purchase refunded in full once we’ve received your return. No stress! 



  1. The Customer needs to contact us within 30 Days of receiving the item to request for a return.

  2. If the items are returned without being cleaned beforehand, it will incur a $30 cleaning fee which will be deducted from the refund. 

  3. A refund will be applicable only if the Crumble Dutch Oven (Lid, Pot and Classic Knob) are returned.  Wear from normal use is fine, however damages that are deemed non-normal use will incur a charge of up to $99.  (normal use: slight discoloration and minor marks)
    (non-normal use: enamel chipping and dents)

  4. When the Crumble Dutch Oven and all associating accessories (2 X Pasta Design Oven Mitts, 1 X Cookie Stainless Steel Knob and Crumble Silicone
    Spoon) a full refund will be applicable.

  5. If any accessories are missing; the following amounts will be deducted from the refund.

    • Pasta Design Oven Mitts - $19 (Both Oven Mitts need to be returned to qualify)
    • Cookie Stainless Steel Knob - $45
    • Crumble Wood Fibre Spoon - $25

  6. The 30-Day Trial is only applicable to 1 Dutch Oven per household.  For example, If a customer purchases 2 Dutch Ovens in one order, only 1 Dutch Oven qualifies for the 30-Day Home Trial.

  7. If the Dutch Oven you received is damaged, we will replace it however the 30-Day Trial won't be applicable.

  8. The 30-Day Trial is only available from orders purchased through crumble.co



  1. A customer returns all the accessories without the Crumble Dutch Oven

    A refund will not be approved as the Crumble Dutch Oven has not been returned.
  1. A customer returns the Crumble Dutch Oven and all accessories

    A full refund will be approved and paid within 14 Days
  1. A customer returns the Crumble Dutch Oven and all accessories excluding the Silicon Spoon

    The customer will be refunded the amount they paid, minus $19.


Last Updated: August 1, 2022