In the Kitchen with: Nora Awad

In the Kitchen with: Nora Awad

Calling all green thumb foodies! Meet Nora - she’s a gardening whiz, high school teacher and content creator on a mission to turn every meal into a delicious, garden-to-table feast (amazing, right?)

We caught up with Nora in the kitchen to chat more about her love for sustainable cooking, her go-to Crumble pieces, and why she believes in the power of planting and plating up wholesome meals. 

Thanks a bunch for inviting us into your kitchen! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do behind the scenes of @herkitchengarden? 

I'm Nora, a high school teacher with a passion for gardening and wholesome home-cooked meals!” 

“For me, gardening and cooking are intertwined … [I love] plucking ripe tomatoes or crisp lettuce from my garden, knowing that each ingredient carries the promise of a nourishing meal.”

“[When i’m not in the garden] I’m documenting my day-to-day life on my page, Her Kitchen Garden where i’ve found comfort in sharing my favourite gardening tips and successful kitchen experiments [like my sourdough bread, jams and pickles].” 


Wow, you’re a real jack-of-all-trades! Earlier you mentioned how cooking and gardening go hand in hand for you, what fuels your passion for sustainable cooking? 

“My love for cooking is deeply rooted in my upbringing. My mother cooked with fresh herbs, spices, and ingredients [for her traditional Lebanese recipes], while my father tended to our garden, planting trees and vegetables.”

“[Seeing this] not only fueled my passion for cooking but also taught me resourcefulness and creativity. I noticed how my mother improvised her meals, adjusting recipes based on what we had in our yard or on hand.” 

So that’s where all the love comes from! With all your culinary adventures, do you have any cooking hacks you’ve been dying to share? 

Throughout the week, Instead of tossing [your vegetable offcuts] and scraps, collect them. Once you have a decent amount… make a flavourful veggie stock!” 

“[Simply] add all the scraps to a Crumble Dutch Oven, cover them with water, add salt, some peppercorns, and a cinnamon stick for extra flavour. Let this mixture boil for about 4 hours [and viola!]”

“You'll end up with a delicious, homemade stock that can be stored in ice cube trays or containers, ready to use in soups and other recipes. This method not only enhances the flavour of your dishes but also helps minimise food waste.”


Okay, we’re definitely stealing this hack. Let’s talk Crumble! We know it’s hard to choose, but do you have a go-to product? 

“From the minute I saw the cast iron pots, I loved them! The Shallow Dutch has to be a standout for me [because] I love its durability and design. I don’t even have to pack it away… it’s a feature on my stove.”

“The meals I prepare in cast iron [always] have a rich, deep flavour, and the versatility of the cookware is unmatched–I can bake bread and cook a stew all in the same pot.” 

Say no more, we’re obsessed with the Shallow Dutch too! Speaking of cooking, we hear you’ve got a new recipe brewing? Care to spill the beans? 

“This recipe is a staple in our fridge every week [and] it begins with a story about my husband. When we first got married, …he barely ate vegetables. To change this, I introduced him to Loubyeh bi Zeit. [It’s] a traditional Lebanese dish made with green beans, olive oil, tomatoes, and garlic.”

“We enjoy this dish with a side of boiled eggs to make it more filling. This dish is a favourite of mine because it's quick, easy, comforting, and pairs nicely with fresh bread.”


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