Dairy-Free Butter Chicken Recipe

Dairy-Free Butter Chicken Recipe

Introducing our new go-to warming recipe this Autumn, a hearty and delicious dairy free Butter Chicken by our foodie pal, Maddy from @mamanutritionist


A perfect option to make in batches as meal prep for the week and tastes just as good (or better) than from your favourite takeout. Plus, it comes together in one pan - making cleanup an easy, no-fuss process. 


Serve it up over a steaming bowl of rice, a side of warm naan or make it even better with a delicious note from Maddy: 

"The recipe is easily made dairy free by utilising coconut oil, instead of ghee and skipping out on the optional yoghurt to serve.

The dish is beautiful as is, but the addition of vegetables such as pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini or sweet potato will work well."


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