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Crumble VS Staub Comparison
*Redefining what it means to cook at home*
*Redefining what it means to cook at home*
*Redefining what it means to cook at home*
*Redefining what it means to cook at home*
We understand that cast iron cookware is an important and significant investment and we want you to feel confident about your decision before you make a purchase. We offer a 30 Day Risk-Free in Home Trial and Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Saveur Cycle Technology
Enamel Layers
Colour Range
Induction Agnostic
Dishwasher Safe
Stainless Steel Knob
Risk Free 30-Day home trial
Bonus Silicone Spoon
Bonus Oven Mitts
Bonus Designer Knob
Free Shipping
Free Returns
Lifetime Warranty
$269 $359
25% OFF
Cast Iron
2-3 Layers
5.1 L
5.85 KG
4 Colors
$375 $750
50% OFF
Cast Iron
2-3 Layers
5.0 L
5.75 KG
4+ Colours

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What We Think You Will Love About Crumble

Our Dutch oven makes superior quality cast iron cookware available to you at an accessible price. Our unique SaveurCycle moisture and flavour lock technology produces consistently tender and flavourful results and the non-stick triple-layered enamel coating makes cooking and cleaning feel effortless.

By ordering your purchase direct from Crumble, you can guarantee the best price and even better customer service from our devoted and friendly team. This is a risk-free investment because through our 30-day home-trial, you can be refunded in full if it doesn’t work out. Plus, your purchase of a Crumble Dutch oven comes with a lifetime warranty. We’ve taken care of the minor details for you with free express shipping Australia-wide, plus free returns with our 30-day trial.

FYI: Crumble Dutch oven specifications: 26cm wide, 5.1L capacity, 5.85kg weight.

Uncover the Crumble Layers

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Uncover the Crumble Layers

Custom Designer 304 SS Knob

A stylish and timeless Australian-design. Our ergonomic stainless-steel handle can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Quality Enamel Coating

Hand contoured to exceptional precision, the cast iron is coated multiple times to maintain the rich and attractive colours from the exterior and provide long-lasting non-stick capabilities inside.

‘SaveurCycle’ Technology (Basting)

This self-basting function will result in a stunning depth of flavour (Ahem..‘saveur!’) with minimal effort from you.

A custom design feature of the Crumble Dutch oven, allowing a constant, convective circulation of moisture within the sealed pot which locks in juiciness, flavour and aroma to create an incredibly tender and rich dish.

Ergonomic to Hold

Gracefully curved handles at either side of the pot are a pleasure to grasp, and comfortable to hold with plenty of room for your hands.

Non-Stick Enamel Coating

Three layers of tested and food-safe premium enamel (a type of glass) paint both inside and out, creating a non-stick interior and non-scratch base that is a pleasure to cook with and simple to clean.

The pale-coloured enamel on the interior allows you to keep a close eye on browning.

Superior Cast Iron

Built from 3.5mm thick premium cast iron that is crafted to withstand a lifetime.

Superior Heat Retention

Cast iron is renowned for its remarkable capacity to retain heat, resulting in more even and consistent cooking with every use.

Extra Thick Base

Built from 4.3mm thick premium cast iron coat to maintain strong heat retention and distribution.



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