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Crumble has been rated Australia's best baking dish by

The Crumble Classic Round Cast Iron - 26cm

$359  $249 + Free Bonus Pack*

Our best-selling round Dutch Oven is large enough to feed 6 people. It's great for a nice-sized soughdough, roast chicken and more.

The Crumble Casserole Cast Iron - 30cm

$399  $279 + Free Bonus Pack*

A great casserole pan that can accommodate up to 6 adults for a nice risotto and maybe a casserole dish.  

The Crumble Oven Casserole - 30cm

$449  $299 + Free Bonus Pack*

The latest workhouse to the stable, the Oval Dutch is large enough to feed 8 people. It's great for braising duck, roasting a turkey and more.

The Baby Dutch - 20cm

$259  $179 + Free Bonus Pack*

Our new Baby Dutch Oven has arrived in 4 amazing colours. It's great to cook a small meal for 2 and still allows you to bake your favourite sourdough.